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An acclaimed event design and production agency, Impresario brings to its clients 25 years of expertise in producing exceptional events. We have built a reputation as a credible, trustworthy and innovative agency that helps its clients engage with their audience and achieve their objectives through the spectrum of live events and meetings. Whether it is an intimate event for 50, a conference for 150, or a large-scale international event for thousands, you’ll find that any project with the Impresario stamp on it is produced with professionalism and an unmistakable touch of style.

We at Impresario create + deliver cutting-edge, global event experiences designed to wow your guests + exceed all expectations. We provide solutions that will stimulate the senses + captivate imaginations through spectacular, unique concepts + flawless execution. Our team of talented experts can develop interactive, authentic experiences designed to engage people in a personal + meaningful way while extending your event goals in an enthralling fashion. To add to this power of perfection, our team stands out with the power of insights and is updated with global trends and technologies to ensure your event is a resounding success, every time.


From ideation to implementation, our 4 step method ensures we focus on achieving your goals while being innovative, yet cost effective.

  • The first step is to meet with you to evaluate and understand your goals and aspirations for your event.

  • After that initial meeting, our creative experts brainstorm and envision the best strategy to transform the brief into an experience.

  • We incorporate all of the concepts and objectives from our collaborative sessions and establish a comprehensive final proposal for review and approval.

  • It is now time to execute. Our in house team of experts deliver every step of the event plan flawlessly to ensure we exceed expectations and seamlessly handle all the details.



We are a team of dynamic collaborators, forward thinkers, and highly-skilled producers. We partner with a team of industry experts, to flawlessly execute our client's individual goals.

  • Hareesh Babu, CEO

    Our Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Hareesh Babu, thrives on the challenges of orchestrating exceptional live events. Whether he’s directing high-level conferences, social events, executive summit meetings, or one-of-a-kind destination retreats, Hareesh uses his unrivaled industry experience to ensure that he exceeds his clients’ expectations. In addition to events, Hareesh also dabbles in films and is an avid performing arts promoter.

  • Hariharan, COO

    Hariharan, our COO brings an unparalleled business expertise to the organization. He keeps a hawk like stance on all the operations of Impresario, which includes budget check, quality check, manpower check and all other parameters that are essential to business growth.

  • Ramchandra Menon, Chief Advisor & Mentor

    As Chief Advisor & Mentor, Ramchandra Menon is our guide in all matters of the business. His acute business acumen keeps us on track and aligned with goals of growth.

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